By Jinsong PING

The rotation and revolution of the Phobos are very stable with the same locked period, which make one side of the Phobos always facing the Mars. For multi operations and applications, we suggest to build a comperhensive outpost on or in this side of Phobos, by means of setting and assembling the fasilities of remote sensing, navigation and relay communication, so as to perform a long-term observation for the Mars, to serve a radio beacon navigation for the Mars exploration, as well as to carry out a relay communication between the Earth and the Mars. Additionally, like the global positioning satellite system for the Earth, the radio wave link with this outpost can provide autonomous navigation service for the Martian space activities including the manned mission, and can be used to measure the speaceweather above the Mars. The state-of-art abilities can realize above works within controllable risks.


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Jinsong PING



Published: 13 May, 2016

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