By Nabajit Das

JBI is quite an exciting platform to write and I intuitively relate it to my Twitter handle. But this article is much beyond how JBI or any other typical journal works. The idea that a country is making any headway in research and development (R&D) or not is measured by the number of journal articles published from the region, their cumulative impact factors and h-index needs to be shown "Red-flag".

The original measure of the country's progress in R&D could be estimated with the inception of countrywide research publication platforms which will publish articles after rigorous peer-review on various subject lines submitted from that country only. This way, every country gets one.

So what happens to the research coming out of multi-country collaboration?
All participating countries will share the due credit after it is published in the database/platform of lead corresponding author's country. Alternatively, it can get published in the database of the country which funded the research.

What about ISSN numbers, Impact factors and Citations?
Each platform will have an unique identifier number, receive world ranking (no more impact points, 1 is better than 2 here) and the top papers will be judged by the number of times they were cited.

Who will run this?
Preferably government through crowdsourcing.


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Nabajit Das



Published: 10 Sep, 2015

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