By Syed Yusuf Saadat

The concept of the "home hospital" is a proposed radically new platform for healthcare which will drastically cut the cost of medical treatment. Sick patients who would otherwise be required to stay in hospital wards or cabins are kept at home. Using a mobile-based application they register themselves under a doctor of their choice from one of the hospitals close to their location. The patient consults the doctor via video-conferencing through the mobile-based application. On top of this, the patient is regularly visited by healthcare professionals who travel to the patient's home physically on bicycles and provide the same services that they would normally be providing to the patient if they were admitted to the hospital. The patient's home is also temporarily equipped with small medical equipment on a rental basis. If only the condition of the patient worsens significantly so that they require intensive care, then the consultant doctor recommends them to move to the intensive care unit of an actual hospital. In this way, the cost of room rent and food that would normally constitute a substantial portion of the patient's medical expenses is saved, and patient is able to obtain treatment at more affordable prices.


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Syed Yusuf Saadat



Published: 9 Dec, 2020

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