By sanchita singhal

With the latest modeling of smart wound dressings for continuous evaluation of wounds, cost-effective and ground solutions are important. Curcumin though well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties from ages, its use for smart wound dressings has been underestimated. Recently, Song et al. reported Curcumin based dressings for real time wound monitoring yet the studies still lack some important considerations for their commercial use. The interference of blood and exudates, etc. on the color of dye was not discussed yet important for market based prototypes. An idea to remove such discrepancies could be the use of curcumin dots at some distance depending on the diffusion coefficient of the dye solution and exudates. Also, the fluorescent properties of curcumin in both acidic and basic conditions could also be used to trace the wound healing for infection prone surgical wounds.
Fortunately, an increase in concern for the development of such smart wound dressings has been developed and after such perspectives for easy and cost-effective solutions, their usage for common masses could provide healthy solutions.

Attachment: Insights_in_Commercialization_of_Curcumin_based_Wound_Dressings.pdf (347 KB)


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sanchita singhal



Published: 3 Nov, 2019

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