By Jinsong PING

The Internet of Things on the Moon (IoToM) can be a special part of the IoT system, as one of the key techniques for extending the information society from the Earth to the whole solar system. IoToM is composed of the physical devices, vehicles, astronauts, lunar surface building and other items which linking the Earth-Moon space, setting on the lunar surface and flying in the lunar space, that enables these objects and human beings to collect, exchange data, and do PNT (positioning, navigation and timing). The IoToM allows the Earth-Moon space objects and astronauts to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing and constructing network infrastructure, make the lunar exploration and activities in the lunar space more efficient, accuracy and economic benefit. Among the 50 billion objects of IoT by 2020, the IoToM may only be composed of hundreds items and human beings. As a key step to explore the Moon, this small sub-system will make a smart Moon and Moon space by Wi-Fi and other possible link. The active points can be several Earth ground segments which link to the Moon, central communication machines at lunar bases/villages and the communication and navigation satellites flying in the lunar space.


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Jinsong PING



Published: 16 Jun, 2016

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