Prof. Yori Gidron, Dr. Fatma Güneri

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer can be very stressful and life threatening for many patients. Ways to ameliorate patients’ well-being when receiving treatment need to be developed. Studies have shown that environmental aspects of clinics (e.g., rooms with a view) affect various health outcomes including length of stay in hospital, mood and physiological parameters. In oncology specifically, patients must repeatedly come to hospital for ongoing treatments, and this requires constant change in one’s habitual rhythm and environment. However, the effects of the quality of the clinical environment on patients’ well-being have not been studied in oncological settings, to the best of our knowledge. This study will aim to fill this gap. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between aesthetic and space parameters (ASP) of day clinics and cancer patients’ well-being. The study will examine the relationship between spatial and esthetical aspects of oncology clinics and clinical outcomes of cancer patients and their well-being. These aspects will include space, room size in relation to number of patients, esthetical aspects of the clinic (pictures, colours, etc.) and presence of nature views from windows.

Ulrich RS. View through a window may influence recovery from surgery. Science. 1984, 224, 420-1.


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Published: 6 Feb, 2022

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