By Yu Jiang

The satellite-ground collaborative computing requires information transmission between the satellite and the ground, which will cause significant delay, resulting in a time from calculation to execution of more than milliseconds. In the best case, the spacecraft is 300km above the ground station, so the round-trip transmission between the satellite and the ground will cause a delay of 2 milliseconds. For cloud computing, if the distance between two spacecraft is 300 meters, the round-trip transmission of computing information between the two spacecraft will only cause a delay of 2 microseconds. Cloud computing refers to autonomous computing only by the spacecraft in the cluster, without the need for a ground station.
Certain spacecraft swarm operations are extremely time-critical. This is just as high-frequency trading in the stock market places "server clusters" very close to the exchange's computers to shorten the distance that trading orders travel at the speed of light through fiber optic cables.
Since the operation of the spacecraft obeys the laws of celestial mechanics, it is an important subject direction in the future to quickly optimize the allocation strategy of cloud computing and information transmission according to the changing relative position of the spacecraft.


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Yu Jiang



Published: 10 Sep, 2022

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