By Kapila Premarathne

Enlightenment is the understanding of the universal facts while improving mental condition in to a supreme level. Last twenty eight Buddhas who attained this status have undergone the deep meditation, reflecting on his experience of life, determining to penetrate its truth while seated beneath a tree in different times (Conze,2003;Gowans,2004;Sikarwar,2016;Wright, 2016).Assuming this special tree was not selected only due to plant characteristics such as nature of fruiting, thorny, shady or the wide availability in India at the time of each Buddha, but to receive the support from special chemical properties via plant structures for energy exchanges, purification of mind and body systems, relaxation or stress reduction etc., based on wisdom and understanding. Analyzing the properties of these tree species will lead, to separate special chemical substances or identify structures for development of products and services e.g. in tree therapy and plant therapy while providing clues on nature’s support for enlightenment.
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Kapila Premarathne



Published: 29 May, 2022

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