By Yu Jiang

The amount of space debris is increasing, and the threat to normal human space activities is also increasing. The concept of fingerprints of space debris is proposed here. It is necessary to define the fingerprints of space debris, and identify different debris characteristics according to the fingerprints of the debris fragments. The definition of debris fingerprints depends on ground-based and space-based cameras, radars, laser ranging and other related data. By defining the debris fingerprints, based on the uniqueness and stability of the debris fingerprints, a space debris fingerprint identification technology is created to verify the identity of the debris. Fragment fingerprint features include global features and local features. The overall features include direct and easy-to-identify features, including track inclination, track height, size, volume, shape cusp features, and the number of fingerprint lines. The number of fragment fingerprint lines is defined as the number of connecting lines between the center of the fragment and the cusp of the shape. The local features of fragment fingerprints include the position, direction, curvature, area and other features of non-smooth points, bifurcation points, fractures, zigzags, etc. of space debris.


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Yu Jiang



Published: 24 Aug, 2022

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