By Susmit Maitra

Database management solution using coupons. We want to collect data by distributing coupons about various offers, links to webinars, access to digital and print textbooks, other stationery goods, discounts to health clubs and gym, baked food items from a authorized storefront, tea and coffee from famous outlets, clothes and other merchandises, gift items such as cups, large jars and educational consultancy, boxes for packaging food items such as cakes and baked goods, contacts to music and indigenous knowledge instructor, high school lab supplies such as dissection boxes and test tube holders, access to videography services, laundry and washing services, access to drivers and cars for local travel, access to clean bottles of drinking water, healthcare assessment, links to motivational speeches which help in mental health, links to webinars on boosting confidence and suicide prevention, providing links in case one feels that one is wrongly diagnosed by a doctor, links to audiobooks on millions of topics as a encouragement for audio literacy, clean sheets of cloth, railway platform services such as food delivery and photographic services. By doing this we are aiming to create a database for government entities for risk reduction and bringing the left out into the safety net.


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Susmit Maitra



Published: 3 Jul, 2022

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