By Sukant Khurana, Srijoni Basu, Shail Adrian Jagmag

Parasites have co-evolved along with their hosts to utilise the host machinery to complete parts of the parasite’s life cycle. Despite potentially large implications for disease biology, common denominators for gene loss and gene gain have not been studied for human and important zoonotic parasites. Given the complete sequencing and good annotation of several parasitic genomes, we posit that identification of such common motifs would now be feasible. We expect different patterns in ectoparasites versus endoparasites, and extracellular versus intracellular parasites. There might be common motifs to genetic gains and losses in the host but we suspect that they would be harder to find than the common denominators in parasites.


What is new it your idea. It is known that lateral gene transfer occurs and many genes have transferred from human body to gut microflora. Also there are projects undergoing to sequence and annotate gut microflora.Once finished they will reveal the genes inserted into microflora from humans

hemendra yadav · 7 Feb, 2016
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Sukant Khurana, Srijoni Basu, Shail Adrian Jagmag



Published: 16 Sep, 2015

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