By Richard Kinseher

Death is not reversible for us. Therefore all persons who had a Near-Death-Experience (NDE) must have been alive and conscious.
New explanation model:

  1. a strange trigger-stimulus is in the focus of perception and thus will start the NDE
  2. this stimulus is compared step-by-step with the content of the episodic memory - these experiences are re-activated/changed in a STATE DEPENDENT RETRIEVAL - this is the life-review
  3. sometimes a simulation of the actual situation is created by the mind - the Out-of-Body-Experience
  4. NDE will be finished when the focus of attention is changed.

Every memory recall (re-activation) depends on two states
A) on our physical, emotional and intellectual abilities when we make an experience and store it in the memory
B) on our physical, emotional and intellectual abilities when we recall an experience from the memory - this does mean: experiences will be changed at a recall.
ALL NDE-phenomenons can be explained when we consider that it is possible ot remind us of fetal experiences - in the same order as senses develop since 5th month: touch(skin) > acoustic > optical sense.

Our experiences are made and recalled in PRESENT TENSE - therefore they are vivid/real


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Richard Kinseher



Published: 17 Feb, 2015

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