By Di Wu

Virtual learning includes realtime video lessons, which demands video connectivity that is not always available in many places on Earth. Existing free audio conference apps can use improvements on security, while adding a new secure video learning system can be cost-prohibitive.

In Liyang China, hospitals piloted a solution of five steps when giving continued education courses to employee without paying for video conference : 1, surveying potential learners for agenda suggestion through existing secured IT system or offline conversation; 2, de-sensitizing, standardizing and analyzing data in an algorithm; 3, crafting an agenda and return related graphics and information to interested learners as pre-study; 4, making appointment for a group chat with audio or phone feature on an existing app and disable recording; and 5, delivering the class without video.

These five steps could extend to help labor-intensive organizations to create meaningful training on a budget. Inspired by special educators for the blind, this case could also help learners with disabilities.


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Alex · 7 Feb, 2023
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Di Wu



Published: 17 Dec, 2022

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