By John Davidson

I propose research into a new alternative to sitting in a chair that could enhance one’s comfort and concentration during long hours of computer work.

For peak concentration on your computer screen, it’s best to be upright and stationary. However, this combination is difficult for your body to handle for long periods. People tend to slouch or lean back in chairs to compensate.

But being in chest-deep water for part of the day could be a game changer. Water distributes pressure across your body far more evenly than any solid object does, allowing you to stand with relaxed muscles and very little stress on your spine. Adding salt enhances this effect even further by increasing the water’s density.

New tanks could be developed with a computer monitor above water, and either an underwater keyboard and mouse or some other means of tracking underwater finger movements. Ordinary laptops could be connected from a safe distance away. Wetsuits or dry suits could be optionally worn.

Big tech companies might be interested in installing the tanks. Some remote workers may have the tanks installed in their homes. And new facilities specializing in the tanks could be open to those with a membership.


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John Davidson



Published: 28 Feb, 2023

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