By Ricardo Hartley Belmar, Isabel Abedrapo Rosen

Although the OECD and the European Union have generated structures to define research areas for various purposes, such classifications hinder the development of interdisciplinary studies. Usually, these classifications characterise an application when sent to a study group or a journal.
In turn, each public institution has reinterpreted such definitions, even generating different definitions in the same institution. That is why it is necessary to create, collaboratively, an instance to collect such information and facilitate studies that allow both a better understanding of the system and also that the community knows "what to expect" when sending proposals, whether for publications, projects, or when generating your web curriculum. It will also be an interesting input for future studies on grouping, overlapping or defining boundaries of scientific areas and fields.


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Ricardo Hartley Belmar, Isabel Abedrapo Rosen



Published: 23 Jun, 2023

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