By Pankaj Ardak

To delivery of the items before demand, it is important to know the monthly demands of the various families. so collect the information like size of family, festival celebration, possibilities of guest arrival, daily and monthly demand of various items, mode of payment, etc. and then analyse the same. From this information local shop keeper can have the idea about the monthly usage of different grocery items. That’s why shop keeper can maintain the inventory according to the demand of the customer. Here the concept of Vendor Managed Inventory has to be used. In a vendor managed inventory (VMI) concept, the vendor takes responsibility for managing the inventory of the customer without the need of orders from the customer side to be placed. Therefore, the vendor can optimise capacity planning, while the customer has to improve forecast accuracy. The successful implementation of the VMI completely depends upon proper communication between the customer, vendor and suppliers. By implementation of this system family members can save lot of time for billing and can spend with loving ones and hence can improve the productivity of families.


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Pankaj Ardak



Published: 20 May, 2021

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