By Eleanor Cervigni

Photos taken in disaster situations and other humanitarian crises by different people on the ground can potentially be a powerful resource for the response teams. Unfortunately, the manpower needed to process the incredible number of photos coming out of these situations makes this duty impossible for a single organization. Therefore we are turning to the crowd to help us rapidly extract meaningful, relevant and structured data from these photos.

This is why we launched the GeoTag-X platform, which gathers a series of pilot projects covering different disaster related events, asking volunteers to answer some short and strictly structured questions about photos related to each event.

Our final aim is to have an open source platform, with a set of tools, projects, and methodology that can be taken by anyone working in a humanitarian crisis and quickly and easily adapted to their needs and redeployed.

GeoTag-X relies almost entirely on volunteers. By actively pursuing an open science methodology GeoTag-X can be flexible and adapt quickly and easily to users’ needs, and volunteers benefit and learn from the process. GeoTag-X code, tools, and methodology is open and accessible via the platform, GitHub, and events.

Template for creating GeoTag-X projects

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Eleanor Cervigni



Published: 26 Aug, 2015

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