By Thomas Scarborough

This idea describes an innovation in the field of organology, or the science of musical instruments. It is generally assumed that the strings of string instruments, when they are struck or plucked, vibrate in one dimension, which is (so to speak) vertically. In reality, strings vibrate in two dimensions, both vertically and horizontally, so that they rotate. Hideyuki Nomura describes the rotation of a piano string, while Pàmies-Vilà et al describe the rotation of a guitar string. [Taofledermaus]( ... offers a high-speed video of two-dimensional vibration in guitar strings. Consider now that it is possible to design a pickup with magnetic or Hall-effect transducers, which is capable of detecting both vertical and horizontal vibration, and with that, the rotation of strings. Thus, as one possibility, the rotation of strings may be amplified and transferred to rotation around a room. This may be efficiently delivered to the listener through Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. According to the BBC, guitarist Keith Richards proposes that there are 'lots of ways to rethink how pickups are designed and used'. If a surround sound pickup were realised, moving from one to two dimensions may be the most significant leap in pickup technology since its dawn.


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Thomas Scarborough



Published: 20 Mar, 2019

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