By Dr. Sullip Kumar Majhi

Germ cell (GC) transplantation (GCT) is widely used for generating surrogate gametes from commercially important fishes that are difficult to breed in confinement and propagation of endangered populations. Here is an innovative application of GCT for control of invasive fish population those pose havoc to the native ecosystem. The donor GCs from commercially important native fish species will be isolated and transplanted through the genital papilla into the gonads of recipient invasive fish species that should be prior depleted of endogenous GCs by cytotoxic drug and high water temperature treatments. Few months after GCT, the donor GCs will proliferate and differentiate into functional donor-origin gametes. The natural spawning between males and females of invasive fish species will generate commercially important native fish species progeny and there will not be any progeny of invasive fish species (Figure 1). The simple yet viable idea of GCT present here could be useful for ecosystem management especially for control of invasive fish species those causes huge economic losses worldwide.

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Dr. Sullip Kumar Majhi



Published: 27 Apr, 2020

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