By Neil Thomas Stacey

Screen time has been identified as not just a strong correlate with addiction, but as a predictor and even as an addiction in and of itself. Semaglutide, better known by the brand name Ozempic, is widely used as an anti-obesity drug and it, along with related compounds such as Liraglutide, are also under investigation as potential treatments for addiction. The same neurological reward mechanisms and neurochemical pathways involved in dysregulated eating play a role in numerous addictions, and early indications are that these medications may be effective at curbing cravings for addictive substances much as they curb food cravings. Screen-time, with its close link to addiction and its arguable status as a widespread addiction in itself, would be a simple marker to track during clinical trials of these medications for other purposes, easily and inexpensively added on to existing trial protocols to yield insight into Semaglutide's effects on addiction, procrastination and productivity.


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Neil Thomas Stacey



Published: 4 Jul, 2024

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