By Arthur Jablokov

To date there are known methods for mass-spectrometric control of the surgical samples, including MALDI imaging which applies a laser beam. But in most cases these methods provide nonselective measurements of the samples, which were previously identified and labeled by the morphologists or pathologists. However, a tissue itself is not only a micro-heterogeneous medium, but it is also heterogeneous in the chemical composition of the constituent cells. Chemistry of the single cells and tissue zones is a diagnostic criterion both for determination of the healthy tissue type and for differential diagnostics of the cellular pathologies. Consequently, it is necessary to perform either a position-sensitive sample scanning or microspectrophotometric measurements in situ at the sample holder of the mass-spectrometer. The former cannot be performed within the acceptable time for surgery and express-diagnostics needs, which includes several minutes, while the latter is rather possible and requires a targeted analysis in the ion beam with the subsequent filtration of the excess exposure. We propose to hybridize a trinocular stereoscopic microscope with scanning laser ionization imaging module (MALDI, ELDI, MALDESI) and tunable diode laser spectroscopy module (TDLSM).


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Arthur Jablokov



Published: 4 Mar, 2016

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