By Pallab Chakraborty

Neutrophils are the key players of innate immune system that is well known to us. The information’s, which excite the new age researchers, is that the neutrophils may also be key players in cancer initiation and progression by several aspects. A pool of journal articles indicates that it has the potency to impacting tumor microenvironment to facilitating cancer growth. So here using some potential drugs those are capable of inducing autophagic cell death inside neutrophils will be a meaning full steps for cancer treatment as very recent research point out that neutrophils are died via autophagic cell death not by apoptosis. Thus by doing this we can control neutrophils numbers that may improve the patient’s health. Using this approach as combinational therapy with other anticancer therapy will also help in treatment. Obviously the drugs should be specific to the neutrophils.
To improve cancer treatments by this way we first have to standardize the neutrophils profiles for each cancer types, and we need to know more on how the tumor microenvironment converting the neutrophils. The use of these types of drugs needed where the neutrophils populations are found to acting for cancer.


Declaration: It is not a research article.


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Pallab Chakraborty



Published: 14 Mar, 2021

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