By Debashish Saikia

The concept is to combine all the 3 modalities of treatment which is basically injecting programmed medical nano-robots also known as nanite which is very tiny in size with dimensions in nanometers as it could perform a variety of functions, from disposing away dead cells at a wound and helping in re-growing tissue so that it heals cleanly and quickly without leaving a nasty scar to festering wounds.
The entire process of nanotech together with mitochondrial transplantation can open new doors & bring new possibilities since collecting a patient’s healthy mitochondria from a different tissue which is tiny oval structures that provide cells with energy to function and injecting them into damaged tissue. If it works as expected, the healthy mitochondria get absorbed into damaged cells and help them heal from the inside as If these powerhouses could be transferred from one cell to another and retain their function, maybe they could be used to heal tissues with dysfunctional mitochondria. Altogether with stem cell therapy can enhance the overall treatment towards a new horizon of cure based on their advantages of plasticity, infinite amplification, and ease of genetic manipulation, stem cell therapy opens new avenues for almost all human diseases.


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Debashish Saikia



Published: 3 Jul, 2022

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