By Jens Harbers

Lightning Talks have become a popular format at conferences. Within five minutes, a topic is presented that meets scientific standards. In this time, information can be presented that is also contained in papers. In many scientific fields, citations are made only from written papers (for ease of reference), even though oral and videotaped information are equivalent. Talks are rarely cited. However, citations represent the leading currency in science. This idea aims to fill this identified gap.

This Lightning Talk deals with nomograms. It shows how they are used and what advantages and disadvantages they have in contrast to computer-aided predictions. It will also show that this technique has been used for a long time and is still presented in leading journals. The slides of the talk are provided as a pdf file and are stored on using this approach.

The presentation is structured in classical order: (Introduction, Methodology, Results And Discussion) [IMRAD]. The transcript of the presentation is shown as a Jupyter Notebook, as this also allows computer code to be displayed and run through. References are recorded at the end. Here, this presentation represents an extension of knowledge from the audience, since the technique of nomograms is seldomly taught except engineering and medicine.

Attachment: Nomograms(1).pdf (262 KB)


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Jens Harbers



Published: 27 Sep, 2021

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