By Jiwon Lee

The research's results vary on violent media's effect with some saying it has the effect of aggression while some say the opposite. However, although there have been multiple studies conducted about violent media's effect on the general population, there are a limited number of studies that focus on people who are already known to enjoy violence. Therefore, this brings the question, do people who are conducting violent behaviors for pleasure are also likely to become more violent when watching violent media? Or would the violent impulse decrease by playing violent video games or watching violent media as an alternative? This experiment can be conducted by using different methods such as computational models, or animal studying and observing the difference in neurotransmitters that are emitted, within the realm of ethical guidelines.

This experiment can show the broader effect of violent media and can help to create better regulation for it.


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Jiwon Lee



Published: 17 Nov, 2023

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