By Olteanu Emilian

A very interesting and novel experiment was carried out by Florina Bojin et al Wiley. Constructing on this published work, I propose a novel survival mechanism of the cancer cell, and a new metastasis mechanism. Giving that cancer cells are known for their survival capabilities, could a nuclear expulsion -produced by stress, either biochemical, mechanical or nutritional- be used as survival mechanism, and, or a seeding action? The questions are many, but the answers could bring a new understanding of what exactly constitutes a cell or could a nucleus of of a cell -cancer cell- survive without its host cell? I propose a further investigation of the possibility that a cancer cell nucleus could be a seeding apparatus for metastases. Would a nucleus be able to ''high-jack'' another cell -if the nucleus survives the expulsion-? Is there an immune response to an ejected nucleus? I think the first steps are to confirm the existence of nuclear expulsion In Vivo, the viability of the ejected nuclei, and the possibility of ''nuclear cellular high-jacking''.
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Olteanu Emilian



Published: 20 Feb, 2015

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